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We want to help you feel Awesome!

The world could use a little bit more awesome! Why not add to the equation by making someone feel awesome? Join the movement with 2019’s feel-good apparel: U R Awesome!

Get your Gear!

Grab your U R Awesome gear for yourself or someone who’s awesome!

Wear it out!

Wear your U R Awesome gear out and make someone else feel awesome!


U R Awesome donates a portion of our proceeds to awesome causes!

The U R Awesome Story

Make someone feel awesome and change the world one smile at a time!

U R Awesome. Do you know that? Think of all the wonderful ways that you help to make your community and world a better place! Now don’t keep it to yourself! Go out and tell someone: U R Awesome!

– Captain Randy Towe

The U R Awesome story begins and ends with making people feel better about themselves and the world they are living in! We’re committed to putting a smile on someone’s face and passing-on a happy, friendly vibe to everyone we meet. Join us in our quest to make the world a bit more awesome!


Product Lines

Smiles Created

Giving the world more to smile about...

The world needs more to smile about…

Why not be a positive force for change with a simple design that will help to turn any frown into a smile with ease. 

Simply wear U R Awesome gear and watch friends and strangers alike greet you with a big smile as they realize how awesome they truly are!


Giving back to our community!

Our commitment to making the world a bit more awesome doesn’t stop at our products. At U R Awesome, we give back a portion of all our proceeds to help organizations that benefit our community so that we can help do our part to make our world a bit more awesome!

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